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Motorcycle Tour Through Wisconsin

River Runs & Scenic Escapes on Iron Horseback

Wisconsin Motorcylce Rides

Ride Wisconsin

Wander the roads of Wisconsin on your Harley-Davidson – or whatever model you choose – and catch sight of the beauty and tranquility of the Badger State.

Follow the Wisconsin River valley, or pull over for an adventure in Council Grounds State Park.

Before starting your adventure through Wisconsin, keep these tips in mind:

Keep an eye out for road signs and Wisconsin wildlife.

Helmets are mandatory for all riders.

Consider the direction of the rising or setting sun before you hit the road.

Keep an emergency kit. You might not be able to get a signal.

Register with Best Western Ride Rewards.

Now, mount up, and head out.

The Nothingness Run

For real tranquility, try the Nothingness Run from Prairie du Chien to La Crosse in southwestern Wisconsin. This 80-mile scenic trek takes the back-road route through Coon Valley east of the Mississippi River, so be sure to head out with a full tank and full belly.

Start in Prairie du Chien in Highway 27, heading north until you reach Highway 14 in Westby, taking you the rest of the way to La Crosse. Take in the rolling hills and lush greenlands that surround you, or maybe grab lunch in Wisconsin towns like Seneca, Rising Sun, and Liberty Pole.

Wisconsin River Run

Follow the Wisconsin River as you motorcycle tour your way through southern Wisconsin. Start in Prairie du Chien – set at the confluence of the Mississippi River and the Wisconsin River – and take Wisconsin State Route 60 east. Ride through this river valley for 85 miles until you reach Sauk City – just 25 miles northwest of Madison.

Visit the Horseshoe Tavern along WI 60, or head straight to Sauk City – enjoying the smooth pavement and stunning views of this route. You’ll pass Wisconsin countryside in the form of farmland, and the Adiantum Woods State Natural Area, and Lodde's Mill Bluff State Natural Area‎ on either side of you.

Highway 107 River Run

Experience the beauty of the Midwest during your motorcycle tour of northern Wisconsin. Roar along the Wisconsin River and get a stunning view of the Badger State countryside. Start in the city of Wausau, and head 50 miles north to the town of Tomahawk.

Keep an eye out for wildlife as you ride up the Wisconsin River valley. From Wausau, take the US Route 51 until you hit Wisconsin Route 64. This will lead you to the scenic Wisconsin Route 107 North, taking you the rest of the way to Tomahawk. You’ll pass Council Grounds State Park, and ride over Alexander Lake – but you’ll never lose sight of the beautiful Wisconsin River.

Stop for lunch at Bradley Park. You’re also welcome to turn around and ride back, getting one last look at the Wisconsin River, before heading back to Wausau.

Please consider current road and weather conditions as well as consult accurate travel maps for detailed directions.


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